About Lynco Energy Services

Lynco Energy Services has always been committed to providing superior products and customer service to our clients, while improving cost and schedule. Meeting the growing demands of the heavy industrial construction field has garnered us a growing reputation amongst some of the world’s strongest leaders in mining and energy resource management.

Lynco Energy Services is CWB certified, ISNetworld registered, COR compliant and accredited with Boiler Branch across Western Canada. We have the equipment and resources to support a diverse list of customer requirements, with a strength that comes from our dynamic partnerships, increasing cost effectiveness in the most SAFE and time efficient manner.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Core Values

To assist in building social and economic prosperity for Aboriginal and First Nations communities and individuals.

To provide quality services to our clients in a safe and efficient manner while providing opportunities for Aboriginal and First Nations communities and individuals to learn and develop within the industries with an innovative and consultative approach in a safe environment…where SAFETY is not just a practice or policy, but a STATE OF BEING.

Lynco Construction strives to operate with core values of:

TRANSPARENCY by operating in a collaborative and informative manner.
RESPECT for all stakeholders, opinions, values, and cultures.
SUSTAINABILITY by applying best practices to preserve the environment and communities for future generations.