Brad Darbyshire

Brad Darbyshire

Vice President of Operations – Saskatchewan

Born and raised in Saskatchewan’s great North, Brad is a proud member of the Buffalo River Dene Nation. Over 17 years, he has specialized his professional development in the mining and construction field at both management and field trade levels.

Brad believes that strong partnerships build sustainable futures. Working to enhance business participation with Saskatchewan’s First Nations people, Brad has dedicated his leadership and career to integrating community values with exceptional business practices to form highly competitive companies that excel in today’s market.

Brad’s educational background includes an Interprovincial Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics Certificate from Kelsey SIAST in Saskatoon, a certificate in Strategic Alliances from UBC Executive Education, and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from U of S. His education and professional development give him a depth of knowledge to comfortably address any level of operation.

Developing a robust Aboriginal workforce is of high priority to Brad, and he has leading experience in developing Corporate initiatives to increase Aboriginal people’s participation in its Canadian operations with the objective of growing tomorrows labor force.