Doug Golosky

Doug Golosky

Doug Golosky is a Metis entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in the Fort McMurray region Lloydminster, Edmonton, & Howick Quebec.

He provided welding, pipefitting, fabricating, overlay of pipe and trucking services to the oil & gas and construction industries.

Mr. Golosky began his career as a welder, earning his certification at NAIT. He founded his first Company, Clearwater Welding & Fabricating Ltd., in 1984 with his wife Carol. They expanded their business ventures to include eight companies, becoming one of the largest contractors in the Wood Buffalo region, employing more than 1,000 tradespeople.

Over the years, Mr. Golosky has been involved with a variety of non-profit organizations that encourage youth to find their career paths, including Careers the Next Generation. He has shown a deep commitment to supporting Aboriginal business and entrepreneurship in Alberta. He was pivotal to the development of the Northeastern Alberta Business Association in 1993 and sat on the board of Alberta Chamber of Resources steering committee for Aboriginal Programs in the Resources Industries initiative.

Mr. Golosky has received many accolades for his career achievements and advocacy for Aboriginal business. In 2004 he was recognized with the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Business and Commerce, as well as the Resource person of the Year from the Alberta Chamber of Resources. He was the Alberta provincial winner of the National Association for Excellence in Business Education Partnerships from the Conference Board of Canada and, in 2012 was inducted into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame.